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“Airpush’s revolutionary targeting and delivery technology is setting new industry success standards for their clients.”
“Airpush provides the most advanced targeting and optimization technology on the market.”
“Airpush conversion rates were 3x – 5x higher than any other mobile ad network.”
"Using Airpush's Optimizer product we were able to more than double our spend and increase ROI by 40%!"

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Data-Driven Mobile Advertising

for Android and iOS . . .


Our AirDSP™ self-serve advertising platform enables clients to purchase inventory from the Airpush mobile ad network and all major mobile RTB exchanges using a single, world class interface. Clients can easily create and manage mobile ad campaigns across both Android and iOS, access incredibly detailed analytics, and optimize campaigns using our revolutionary Optimizer tool (patent pending).

With access to near limitless scale and the industry’s most advanced tools, AirDSP™ is truly the ultimate mobile advertising platform.
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Drive 5x Better ROI . . .

The mobile banner has been trapped in a tiny little box for far too long. Airpush's Abstract Banners are new and exciting creative formats that let your message expand into full motion transparent overlays over content.

Abstract Banners: Abstract Banners combine the scale of 320x50 banner inventory with the rich engagement of full-screen interstitials. Abstract Banners also give rich media capabilities to performance campaigns because Airpush produces the creative for free and charges no ad serving fees.
• 3-5x higher CTRs than standard banners
• 2x higher post click conversions
• Eliminates banner blindness to maximize brand lift

Abstract Banners with Video: Abstract Banners are also capable of running video ads, surrounded by HTML transparent overlays. This creates much higher engagement and more attention on your message.
• 3-5x higher CTRs than standard banners
• 2x higher post click conversions
• Eliminates banner blindness to maximize brand lift

HD Video Abstracts: Extend your video reach to the other 98% of mobile. Similar to Abstract Banners, our new HD Video Abstracts replace boring static banners and rise up from the bottom, on top of content, offering an unparalleled pre-cached HD video quality experience.
• 100% Viewability - locked to the frame (in-app + mobile web)
• 2x higher post click conversions

Abstract Templates: Now Available! Get Rich Media performance instantly, with zero design costs and zero hosting fees. Use Airpush's new Abstract Banner Templates to create dynamic, moving banners that have virtually endless creative possibilities.
• 100% Viewability - locked to the frame (in-app + mobile web)
• 2x higher post click conversions
• 3-5x higher CTRs than standard banners


Next-Gen Audience Targeting

Based on interests and behavior . . .

Airpush introduces HyperTarget, a quantum leap in mobile ad targeting which allows advertisers to target opted-in users based on their app download history. Our patent pending approach is based on the philosophy that the user's app download history reveals important information about their interests, which can be used by advertisers to better target ads.

Billions of Impressions

across 9 ad formats, from a single interface . . .

Airpush advertisers can choose from a large variety of ad formats, including industry standards as well as our proprietary ones such as Push Ads, Icon Ads and Dialog Ads.

Banners: In-App Banner Ads are a staple of mobile advertising and combined with Airpush’s advanced ad types, enable advertisers to reach consumers at virtually every stage of their mobile lives.

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Push: Airpush offers three different types of Push Ads, all of which are fully opt-in for higher engagement. Living outside the app, push ads are available to engage when the user chooses.

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Icon: Similar to pre-installed apps that come on new phones, Airpush's innovative Icon Ads allow advertisers to generate valuable homescreen exposure and user engagement.

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Video: Airpush’s Video Ads are optimized for device type and connection speed, enabling dramatically higher conversions and an improved consumer experience.

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AppWall: AppWall Ads are displayed at natural breaks in an app session and display a variety of offers that self-optimize for maximum performance. AppWall ads can deliver rich media such as video and app downloads.

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Dialog: Dialog Ads launch in an unobtrusive manner when an app is in use and are available to engage with at the user's discretion. Dialog Ads perform up to 2X better than traditional banner ads alone.

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Landing Page: Build rich and interactive experiences such as forms or animation directly into an ad. Landing Page Ads allow you create cohesive cross-channel campaigns for perfect organizational branding.

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Rich Media: Rich Media Ads enable advertisers to deliver interactive content that drives dramatically more engagement and user response than traditional static ads.

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Advanced Overlay: Overlay Ads enable advertisers to drive unique engagement by presenting highly relevant offers directly inside the app -- via unique overlays on top of app content.

Programmatic Buying

AirX Mobile Private Exchange . . .

AirX allows programmatic buyers to bid on Airpush inventory via real-time bidding (RTB). The Airpush Mobile Private Exchange provides massive scale, quality inventory, exclusive data sets and proprietary formats that drive peak performance for multi-screen advertisers.

  • Endless Scale
  • Quality Inventory
  • Rich Data Sets
  • High Performing Ad Units

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Open APIs

Integrate Airpush into all of your tools . . .

Airpush’s open APIs allow advanced advertisers such as agencies, brands and resellers to deeply integrate Airpush’s functionality into the tools and platforms they use every day.

Integrate campaign, conversion and reporting data into third-party systems, and even integrate Real-Time Bidding with our advanced RTB API. Airpush provides the deepest integration of any major mobile ad network.

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