Airpush Advertiser Update – October 16th, 2013

As they do on a regular basis, Google updated their Play Store Developer Guidelines in August of 2013.  Many advertisers have been inquiring as to how this affects the types of campaigns they are permitted to run on the Android™ mobile platform.

The new guidelines only relate to what apps can be listed on the Play Store, which is only one of several dozen ways that consumers access mobile apps. They do not dictate what is allowed on the Android platform and they do not regulate advertisers in any way.

Airpush is 100% compliant with Google Play and will continue to offer all of its high-performing ad types to its advertisers. Our new SDK structure allows our developers to install customized capabilities into each of their apps, enabling them to comply with requirements of each individual app store that they distribute their apps, and allowing us to continue to increase our inventory.

For more information on this policy or to discuss your campaign goals in detail, contact Airpush’s world-class sales team so we can answer all of your questions.

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