What is the Google Advertising ID?

As announced last fall, Google will replace the Android ID with the new Google Advertising ID. This new ID is a user-specific, unique and resettable ID for advertising as provided by Google Play Services. It provides end users with enhanced controls, as seen in the screen shots, from the Ads section of the Google Settings app on their devices:

  1. Users can reset their advertising ID at any time.
  2. Users can also opt-out of interest-based ads entirely. This ad tracking preference is made available to apps through a Google Play services API.

How does it affect me as a developer?

Any apps that will leverage the advertising ID must check for and respect the user’s ad tracking preference.  In order to do so you must first install the Google Play Services SDK.

Apps that are not updated with the Google Play Services SDK will continue to work and leverage the old Android ID.  However, if you decide to submit an update to your application after August 1, 2014 – you will be required to adhere to these standards.  You will run the risk of not being approved on the Google Play Store if you do not.