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"They almost doubled my daily revenue so I highly recommend trying 360 with Abstract Banners by Airpush."
- J. Galang, Watch Anime TV
"Airpush has allowed me to quit my job and do apps full time."
- Jason, Founder of AniWidgets

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360 Banner revolutionizes the way banners are displayed within an app session. Our patent-pending technology automatically mediates between Airpush's revolutionary new Abstract Banners, as well as Video and IAB Standard Banners.

Abstract Banners:
• 2-5x standard banner earnings
• Gorgeous, closable, animated ads
• Deep publisher controls

HD Video Abstract Banners:
• New, exciting video ad placement
• Huge video earnings in a banner placement
• Quality ads from premium advertisers

Standard IAB Banners:
• Mediate Standard Banners with high performing Abstract and Video Banners
• Create a quality user experience
• Earn more with leading fill rates

**Formerly SmartWall, 360 Interstitial’s patent-pending technology automatically mediates between Rich Media, Video, AppWall, Dialog Ads, Advanced Overlays, and more based on yield and network connection type!

• Seamless playback
• A superior user experience
• Higher video earnings than any other video solution

Rich Media:
• Add rich experiences into your app session
• Create a quality user experience
• Drive more earnings than any other rich media strategy

• Show relevant app suggestions to your users
• Easily place at natural breaks in an app session
• Generate more earnings than any other AppWall tool

• Displayed to low-bandwidth users to ensure a quality user experience
• Maximize earnings from slower connections
• Maximize text-based ad earnings

Landing Page:
• Engaging user experience
• Large calls-to-action to increase revenue
• Higher earnings than any other landing page format

Advanced Overlay:
• Unique, focused placement on top of app content
• Supports standard banner sizes
• Engaging user experience

Earn More, Get Paid Faster

Highest eCPMs in the industry and weekly payments

There’s a reason that more than 140,000 apps use the Airpush SDK — our developers earn the highest eCPM’s in the industry and get paid weekly. How do we do it? Developers earn significantly more with Airpush due to our proprietary ad formats and a large global sales force driving increased demand for our network.

Airpush Weekly Payments

Highest Global Fill Rates

thanks to a highly distributed network . . .

Any ad network can fill the easy countries like U.S and UK, but what about the more difficult countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America? Airpush developers have the benefit of a large, distributed global sales team which reaches all corners of the earth. This delivers significantly higher fill rates and eCPM’s for developers, even if your app has large pockets of traffic in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets.

Developer's Portal

The tools you need, all in one place . . .

Airpush developers access a portal to view near real-time stats on traffic and earnings across all ad formats, allowing deep dives into your data to see what is and isn't working. Developers can also perform administration functions such as selecting payment methods and viewing billing history.

In addition, Airpush developers now have access to advanced app analytics tools including funnel, cohort, audience segmentation, revenue and engagement analysis to ensure you can truly understand your data. This advanced insight allows you to optimize your campaigns to maximize your revenue potential. Take a screenshot tour?

Airpush Supports All Major Frameworks

Integrate using the world’s finest frameworks.

Adobe Flash CS B4A GameMaker Phonegap
Adobe Flex Cocos2Dx Jmonkey Titanium
Adndroid AndEngine Construct 2 Libgdx Unity3d
Appcelerator Corona Marmalade Xamarin
Shiva3D Scirra Contruct ScaleForm Torque2D
Cordova MoPub AdMarvel Dart/Google
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