From now until Dec. 31st 2016, Airpush is offering a 10% CPM increase to publishers who upgrade to the latest SDK. To qualify, simply upgrade your app(s) to SDK 9.0 and ensure that ALL ad formats within both 360 Interstitial and 360 Banner are enabled

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360 Interstitial’s patent-pending technology automatically mediates between Rich Media, Video, AppWall, Dialog Ads, Advanced Overlays, and more based on yield and network connection type. The variety of ad formats ensure your users see the right ad at the right time, and allow you to earn even more revenue from your app(s). Even if you’re app(s) have been inactive, now is the perfect time to reactivate and begin earning industry-leading revenue from the Airpush network.

360 Banner revolutionizes the way banners are displayed within an app session. Our patent-pending technology automatically mediates between Airpush’s revolutionary new Abstract Banners, as well as Video and IAB Standard Banners

Airpush is proud to announce the release of our newest SDK, 9.0! SDK 9 brings with it advanced new features as well as a 10% increase in CPMs for publishers who upgrade. Some highlights of SDK 9 include . . .

  • Introduction of Inline Abstract Banners!
  • MRAID Compliance for Abstract Banners.
  • Reduced false malware alerts.
  • Easier integrations.
  • Improved data accuracy.
  • Guaranteed CPM earnings.