Abstract Banner Ads:
Banners, redefined
The mobile banner has been trapped in a tiny little box for far too long. Airpush's Abstract Banners are new and exciting creative formats that let your message expand into full-motion transparent overlays over content.

Abstract Banners also give rich media capabilities to performance campaigns because Airpush produces the creative for free and charges no ad serving fees. Abstract Banners combine the scale of 320x50 banner inventory with the rich engagement of full-screen interstitials.

• 3-5x higher CTRs than standard banners
• 2x higher post click conversions
• Eliminates banner blindness to maximize brand lift

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Abstract Banner with Video Ads:
Banners, redefined
Abstract Banners are also capable of running video ads, surrounded by HTML transparent overlays. This creates much higher engagement and more attention on your message.
• 3-5x higher CTRs than standard banners
• 2x higher post click conversions
• Eliminates banner blindness to maximize brand lift

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HD Video Abstract Ads:
Banners, redefined
Extend your video reach to the other 98% of mobile. Similar to Abstract Banners, our new HD Video Abstracts replace boring static banners and rise up from the bottom, on top of content, offering an unparalleled pre-cached HD video quality experience.
• 100% View Ability - locked to the frame (in-app + mobile web)
• 2x higher post click conversions

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Banner Ads:
A Staple of Mobile Advertising
In-App Banner Ads are a staple of the mobile advertising world and combined with Airpush’s advanced ad types, enable advertisers to reach consumers at virtually every stage of their mobile lives.
• Endless scale via AirDSP™
• Important part of an overall campaign mix
• Fully opt-in for consumers

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Push Ads:
Legendary Engagement
Airpush offers three different types of Push Ads, all of which are fully opt-in for higher engagement. Living outside the app, push ads are available to engage when the user chooses.
• 30%+ higher conversion rates
• 5% - 15% CTRs
• Fully opt-in for consumers

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Icon Ads:
Innovative Brand Exposure
Similar to pre-installed apps that come on new phones, Airpush's innovative Icon Ads allow advertisers to generate valuable homescreen exposure and user engagement.
• Get your icon on 100+ million devices
• Pay less per install
• Drive repeat traffic

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Video Ads:
Create Immersive Experiences
Airpush’s Video Ads are optimized for device type and connection speed, enabling dramatically higher conversions and an improved consumer experience.
• Seamless playback
• Create a superior consumer experience
• Drive dramatically higher conversion rates

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AppWall Ads:
Self-Optimizing for Maximum Exposure
AppWall Ads are displayed at natural breaks in an app session and display a variety of offers that self-optimize for maximum performance. AppWall ads can deliver rich media such as video and app downloads.
• Attract heavily engaged app users
• Get to the top of the charts
• Generate viral app sharing

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Dialog Ads:
The Ultimate Call-to-Action
Dialog Ads launch in an unobtrusive manner when an app is in use and are available to engage with at the user's discretion. Dialog Ads perform up to 2X better than traditional banner ads alone.
• Drive 50%+ higher conversion rates
• Deliver a strong and clear call-to-action
• Eliminate accidental clicks

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Landing Page Ads:
Interactivity that Drives Results
Build rich and interactive experiences such as forms or animation directly into an ad. Landing Page Ads allow you create cohesive cross-channel campaigns for perfect organizational branding.
• Build rich experiences into an app session
• Easily match cross-channel campaigns
• Create perfect branding

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Rich Media Ads:
Limitless Possibilities
Rich Media Ads enable advertisers to deliver interactive content that drives dramatically more engagement and end-user response than traditional static ads.
• Build rich experiences into an ad
• Drive dramatically higher engagement
• Create a wide variety of ads with motion, interactivity and more

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Advanced Overlay Ads:
Highly Customizable Engagement
Overlay Ads enable advertisers to drive unique engagement by presenting highly relevant offers directly inside the app -- via unique overlays on top of app content.
• Drive heavy conversions
• Highly customizable
• Advanced targeting capabilities