Developer Earnings Study – Up To 1,640% Increase with Abstract Banners

by / Sunday, 30 November 2014 / Published in Airpush Mobile Advertising Blog

When we released Abstract Banners to the developer community a few weeks ago, we were extremely confident that they would increase earnings for every app that integrated them. Now that tens of thousands of mobile apps have replaced their standard banners with Abstracts, we have some very exciting data to share.

Average developer earnings have increased, on average, between 300-500%. Obviously these results will vary by app, but many mobile apps are seeing increases of many times this amount. To show you the potential increases that an individual developer might see, we contracted an independent study of 8 random apps that replaced standard 320×50 static banners with Airpush’s advanced new Abstract Banners. The results show dramatic increases in CPM earnings, using the same app and ad placement.

Airpush Abstract Banners

Of course, the only way you can see what Abstract Banners can do for your earnings is to integrate them yourselves. To sign up for an account or to download our most recent SDK, simply visit our portal HERE.