Developers, Say Hello to Weekly Payments…Yes, Really!

by / Tuesday, 22 November 2011 / Published in Airpush Mobile Advertising Blog
Tired of waiting for monthly payments from your mobile ad networks? We are excited to announce the industry’s first Weekly Payments program! Starting in a few weeks, Airpush developers are eligible to be paid on a weekly basis rather than standard monthly payments. This will result in significantly better cash flow for developers, which fuels investment into new apps — everybody wins.
Developers in the program will be paid every Friday for the previous 7 day period between Saturday to Sunday. In order to get approved for the program, use the automatic approval tool which is found in the dashboard section of the developer portal. The tool will determine if you meet the minimum requirements (found below), and instantly approve you if so. If you don’t get approved, the tool will give you precise feedback on changes you need to make in order to get approved.
Below are the requirements for the program:
  1. $200/month Minimum (past 30 days)
  2. Developer must enable the optional Location permissions (this will significantly increase your CPM’s, too)
  3. Developer must be using at least 2 Airpush ad formats.
  4. 5% banking fee.
Please ensure you meet the requirements and apply today!
Now Airpush will not only pay you the most revenue, it will pay you the fastest
Inman Breaux
VP of Publisher Relations