Airpush releases industry-leading iOS SDK
After years of being one of the most innovative and highest performing ad networks on Android, Airpush is proud to announce that our exciting iOS SDK is now available for all of our developers. Available here, the new SDK brings our 360 Banner mediation platform to iOS.

This means that you can automatically mediate between our award-winning Abstract Banners, HD Video Abstracts and standard banners. This balance of creativity, earnings and dynamic display capabilities have previously never been available for iOS developers, until today.
  • Dramatically higher earnings than standard banners alone.
  • Deep publisher controls.
  • Gorgeous ads from premium advertisers.
Abstract Banners

The banner is back! Drive 2-5x more earnings than traditional banners with Airpush's new Abstract Banners. These innovative and deeply engaging ad formats seamlessly blend full motion transparent overlays with app content and result in dramatically higher earnings than any other banner format.
  • 2x-5x standard banner earnings.
  • Quality ads from premium advertisers.
  • Easy closeability.
HD Video Abstract Banners

Similar to Abstract Banners, our new HD Video Abstracts replace boring static banners and rise up from the bottom of the screen, offering an unparalleled pre-cached HD video experience.
  • New, exciting video ad placement.
  • Huge video earnings in a banner placement.
  • Quality ads from premium advertisers.

Standard IAB Banners

In-App Banner Ads are a staple of mobile advertising and combined with Airpush’s advanced ad types, enable advertisers to reach consumers at virtually every stage of their mobile lives.
  • Mediate Standard Banners with high performing Abstract and Video Banners.
  • Create a quality user experience.
  • Earn more with leading fill rates.
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