Introducing “Share of Voice (SOV),” the Latest Addition to Airpush’s Optimizer Tool

by / Sunday, 29 June 2014 / Published in Airpush Mobile Advertising Blog

class=”alignright” alt=”Airpush Share of Voice (SOV) for Optimizer” src=”” width=”307″ height=”271″ />Here at Airpush, we are proud to announce the release of Share of Voice (SOV), the newest update to our Optimizer tool. For the first time ever, Share of Voice allows advertisers to monitor the percentage of wins a campaign is earning in order to precisely track how much of all available inventory they’re receiving. It’s now easier to make intelligent bidding optimizations, enabling you to fine-tune your entire campaign and maximize your overall ROI.

SOV is the newest feature in Optimizer, which already enables advertisers to analyze and optimize campaigns by 12 factors: carrier, country, U.S. state, landing page, ad creative, PubID, device type, manufacturer, OS version, network connection, app and time of day. Optimizer is also the only campaign optimization tool in the mobile industry that allows a two-factor drill down, meaning you can manage the bids of incredibly precise segments created by combining two of the factors listed above.

Now, with the addition of Share of Voice, you can view what percentage of a profitable inventory silo that you’re winning with your current bid and easily gauge how much more inventory incremental increases win you. This way, you can balance your bid increases with the resulting growth in reach, maximizing the profitability of your overall campaign.

SOV is a great tool for performance advertisers, because it enables them to manage increases in wins that result from bid increases and also see what profitable inventory they are leaving on the table.  By making changes in real time, advertisers can adjust bids based on empirical performance data, rather than targeting presumptions or endless A/B testing.

For brands seeking to boost engagement with mobile users, Share of Voice allows them to see exactly how much penetration their brand message is receiving, and make highly adaptive changes accordingly that maximize consumer engagement. This results in dramatically higher ROI for virtually any type of campaign goal.

If you haven’t used Optimizer in a while, it’s time to dive back in and find out how SOV can help you maximize profits from your current campaigns. If you’re an advertiser who is relatively new to Airpush, this is a great time to launch an initial test campaign and learn what new levels profitability the system can deliver.

Airpush’s suite of targeting and optimization tools gives you everything you need to ensure your advertising spend is targeting the right inventory and maximizing conversions. It’s simple to use and gives you the power to make intelligent bidding adjustments that were never before possible. With the addition of Share of Voice, you can now more effectively balance the profitability and scale of your campaign in order to dramatically exceed your campaign goals and deliver industry-leading ROI for you or your client.