Join Us at Mobile Asia Congress and WIP Developer Party in Hong Kong !

by / Sunday, 13 November 2011 / Published in Airpush Mobile Advertising Blog

We are happy to announce our sponsorship and attendance of the Mobile Asia Congress in Hong Kong this week.  Our Booth location is MR4 AZ3, and we are sponsoring the WIP Developer Party on Tuesday evening at Infusion. We strongly encourage you to attend and meet the entire Airpush team!

For those of you who haven’t been to the MAC, it is a fantastic show — the premiere smartphone and apps event in Asia. The even has particular importance this year for the Android developer community, as 2011 has been a breakout year for Android in Asia. At Airpush, 3 of our top 5 countries are in Asia — China, Japan, and Korea.

We look forward to meeting many of our Asian developers and advertisers at the event!

Inman Breaux 
VP of Publisher Relations