LA Business Journal: Pickup Moves Mobile Network Into Native Ads

by / Monday, 09 December 2013 / Published in Airpush Press Mentions

The hot new thing in the world of advertising is getting ads on mobile phone apps. But we’re not talking banner ads or animated spots. The ads will be integrated into the program. For example, if a smartphone user opens a personal task app and creates a task called “make dinner,” different recipes will be shown. But the content will be sponsored by advertisers, who will suggest their products be used through subtle promotions known as native ads. Airpush Inc., a mobile ad network in West Los Angeles, is breaking into native ads for mobile apps through its recent acquisition of Hubbl, a New York company that specializes in that area.

“What we’re trying to do in broad terms is create a native ad solution for mobile app developers that works universally for all app developers,” said Asher Delug, founder and chief executive of Airpush. “It’s essentially a framework for them to … deliver ads that are woven into the functionality and content of their app rather than just slapped on like a banner ad.”

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