Conversion API

Airpush Conversion Tracking APIAirpush’s Conversion Tracking API helps you measure the performance of your Airpush campaigns and maximize your ROI. You can track app downloads and mobile web conversions (e.g., leads, user registrations) to better measure conversions, revenue per conversion, cost per conversion, and conversion rate percentage.

Conversion API Documentation

Campaign API

Airpush Campaign APIAirpush’s Campaign API can be used to create, optimize and monitor all aspects of campaigns running on the Airpush network. The API allows you to programatically set parameters for campaign metadata, creative, bidding and more, along with administrative functions such as creating new campaigns, changing campaign status and other activities.

Campaign API Documentation

Reporting API

Airpush Reporting APIAirpush’s Reporting API is an intuitive interface for advertisers to request reports and manage their campaign’s statistics directly through restful APIs. Simply set the parameters you’d like to view and see organized stats around campaign status, budgets, current and historical bids, impressions, CTRs and more.

Reporting API Documentation

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