Mobile Advertising Watch: Innovative, Rich Media + Video Mobile Ad Formats Delivering Impressive Brand Lift and Performance Increases

by / Wednesday, 06 May 2015 / Published in Airpush Press Mentions

The last few years have been nothing if not impressive for the amount of new and reinvented mobile advertising formats made available to publishers and brands worldwide. From reimagined banners and native, to video and other outside-the-box in-app ads, there are a plethora of new and exciting avenues available to get mobile ads in front of consumers’ eyes.

Among the most promising of the lot are rich media ads; complex ads created using Flash, Java and other new technologies like HTML5. The biggest difference between rich media ads and standard banner ads is akin to the difference between a black & white TV from the 1940’s and one of today’s superHD smart TVs. And that’s far from an exaggerated comparison. Rich media ads include multiple levels of possible user engagement and interaction, from streaming videos to pictures, games, tweets and more, all embedded in the ad and intended to pull the user in and get them involved, which of course greatly increases the likelihood of a sale or other user action.

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