Mobile Advertising Watch: Pushing in the Right Direction – Mobile Advertising Innovator Airpush Offers Optimal Design, Massive Reach with ‘The Performance Creative Initiative’

by / Wednesday, 15 July 2015 / Published in Airpush Press Mentions

It’s a major new push from one of the world’s leading mobile advertising platforms — and it shows a lot of market moxie.

On Thursday, Los Angeles-based Airpush unveiled The Performance Creative Initiative (PCI). And MAW scored an exclusive first look. Just as marketers strive to streamline and perfect their advertising efforts, Airpush has been hard at work lately on this innovative new offering that could potentially give them a big leg up. If Airpush’s offering works as intended, gone will be the days of fragmented activities, extensive design optimization costs and waiting for a flight to end before seeing the results.

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