Your Information Choices

Based on the data we collect, we may instruct the developer of an Application to provide an Airpush privacy notice when you first open the Application.  For Push Ads, we also label each push ad with the name of the Application that has enabled the distribution of the ad and the URL of our opt-out web page, where you can opt-out of receiving push ads and icon ads (as described below).

1. Push and Icon Advertisements Opt-Out

You may opt-out of receiving push ads and icon ads delivered by Airpush in the following ways:

  1. You may install and run the Airpush opt-out application, located below:
    Download Opt-Out App

    Airpush will not use information it obtains during the installation of our opt-out app for any purpose other than to fulfill your opt-out request. Please note that after installing this opt-out app, you may still continue to receive in-app ads delivered by Airpush, including in-app ads that are tailored to your interests.

  2. You may provide a device ID, including IMEI, MEID, and/or ESN, through our opt-out web form:
    Manual Opt-Out
    You may find these device IDs by viewing Menu –> Settings –> About Phone –> Status –> IMEI/MEID/ESN. Please note that after providing a device ID, you may still continue to receive in-app ads delivered by Airpush, including in-app ads that are tailored to your interests.

2. Interest-Based Advertising Opt-Out

Device-Based Opt-Out for Applications

For Android devices, you may signal your desire to “opt-out of interest-based ads” through your device settings. For iOS devices, you may signal your desire to “limit ad tracking” through your device settings. If you have enabled one of these settings, Airpush will still serve ads, but no longer serve interest-based ads to the device where you exercised this choice.

In the event Airpush receives a device-based opt-out from you after you have opted-in, Airpush will make reasonable efforts to share your opt-out preference with those third parties with whom Airpush shares data for advertising and marketing analytics and segmentation or market research.

Opt-Out Cookie for Mobile Web

For mobile web, you may opt-out of interest-based ads by installing our opt-out cookie below. If you have installed this cookie, Airpush will no longer serve interest-based ads to the browser on the device where you have installed this cookie; however, you will continue to see Airpush ads that are not based on your interests. If you use a different browser, clear your cache or otherwise clear cookies from your browser, you will have to reinstall this cookie.

Click to Opt-Out

Third-Party Opt-Out Mechanisms

You may opt-out of interest-based advertising through by some (not all) of our third-party advertising partners by visiting:

  1. Network Advertising Choices:
  2. Digital Advertising Alliance:
  3. Downloading the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Mobile Application, AppChoices (via app store)
    1. Apple App Store:
    2. Google Play:
  4. European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance:

These opt-out choices only apply to the device from which you have opted-out and applicable advertising channel.  If you reset your advertising identifier, clear cookies on your device or otherwise take an action to affect the opt-out preference, you may have to opt-out again.  Airpush does not control and is not responsible for these third-party opt-out mechanisms and encourages you to read the accompanying policies.

3. Collection of Information

To opt-out of Airpush’s data collection from your device or to opt-out of receiving all ads from Airpush, you must manually uninstall all existing Applications on your device that utilize our Service. Please note that if you ever install another Application that utilizes our Service in the future, Airpush will subsequently be able to collect and use your information as described in this Statement.

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