Linear Media Buying and Optimization

As the mobile advertising industry has matured, the majority of tasks performed have become verticalized into silos such as design, distribution, targeting, and optimization. This creates a variety of failure points in the process, as well as eliminates opportunities to optimize the ROI of campaigns as they run.


The Performance Creative Initiative is a result of years of our innovation and experience in the mobile space, combining top-tier agency creative capabilities with massive reach and proven performance abilities. Previously available only to select advertisers, the program is now available to all.

The core of the program consists of a reorganization of the traditional mobile media purchasing process. Airpush’s Performance Creative Initiative gives mobile advertisers access to custom design, media buying, and real-time campaign optimization services that communicate and evolve throughout the life of the campaign, dramatically increasing performance as well as reducing overall cost to the client.


Airpush’s Conversion Optimizer is a revolutionary new product that dramatically increases mobile campaign performance for advertisers of all types. Conversion Optimizer utilizes advanced learning algorithms to reduce cost per acquisition while simultaneously increasing campaign volume.

Because the system continues to learn as the campaign progresses, results from Conversion Optimizer continue to increase as well. This means that advertisers using the platform will see consistent metrics improvements that far exceed what was possible with manual optimization alone.

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