airpush_case_study_apartments_dot_comChallenge: Going into the height of housing rental season in March, wanted to run a two-week with the goal of driving SMS opt-ins that will be used throughout the spring to drive traffic to open apartments. To expand their marketing mix, relied on Airpush to help create a winning strategy to meet their goal. Plus, in order to meet the aggressive timeline for, the campaign had to launch within 24 hours.

Solution: tasked Airpush to formulate a campaign that would add new leads for the current season along with targets for future engagement. The target cost per acquisition (CPA) was set at $3.00. Airpush developed a mobile click-to-SMS campaign to drive opt-ins to the database, which would generate opportunities today, as well as add to the numbers of potential clients for future SMS engagement.

Results: The executive team was extremely happy working with the Airpush team, stating that this campaign — which was delivered in less than 24 hours — was the easiest they had ever implemented. In addition to running like a dream, the Airpush campaign outperformed historic campaign results on other mobile ad networks. Total opt-ins from the campaign were 5,453, which when de-duped with’s internal CRM system, turned out to be 86% net-new clients. The click through rate on the confirmation link was a notable 41%, unsubscribe rates were below 1% and more than 2,000 visited to the website, demonstrating the extremely engaged nature of these mobile users. At the end of the campaign, the CPA averaged $2.75, saving 25 cents on each new acquisition and resulting in one of the highest ROIs the company has ever seen. After this stellar performance by Airpush, is planning a new campaign to generate downloads of their upcoming mobile app. Airpush outperformed in every aspect of the planning, execution and delivery of results, proving to that Airpush is the go-to mobile ad network for industry-leading success.

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