Company FAQ:

Ranked #2 in the 2014 Forbes list of “Most Promising Companies” and winner of the “Top Innovator in Advertising Data” award at the 2014 DataWeek Conference, Airpush is on a mission to redefine mobile advertising. More than 150,000 apps and the world’s leading advertisers rely on Airpush to deliver the industry’s highest performance, driven by exceptional ad formats and targeting technology. Founded in 2010 by mobile advertising veterans, the company has approximately 250 employees and offices in Los Angeles and Bangalore, along with sales regions in all major markets.
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Android developers use our next-generation ad formats to increase revenue 10 – 30x versus traditional mobile ad networks. Our developers earn significantly higher CPMs using our innovative ad formats such as Abstract Banners, Icon Ads, and SmartWall.

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Stop waiting weeks or months for your ad network payments, and start experiencing the cash flow improvement from weekly payments.

With offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Bangalore, the Airpush management team is made up of veterans of the mobile advertising industry that have joined us from leading organizations such as AOL, inMobi, GetJar, Adenyo, Gorilla Nation, Buzzcity, Golive! Mobile and Motricity.
Push notification ads are text ads shown in the notification tray of Android™ devices. Unlike traditional mobile ads, these ads are not placed inside apps. Each ad is also tagged with a permanent opt-out link, as well as the name of the app which delivered the ad.
Icon Ads are sponsored shortcuts that appear on the phone’s desktop and link to valuable user content such as mobile search and daily deals. Developers generate revenue for each Icon Ad which is distributed to a device.
SmartWall is a new interstitial mobile ad format which dynamically optimizes between multiple sub-formats such as Rich Media, AppWall, Video and Interstitials. With SmartWall, app developers no longer need to choose between the overwhelming numbers of full-page mobile ad formats available on the market. Via a single SDK, SmartWall determines the optimal full-page ad format to display in real-time based on yield, network connection type, and other parameters. SmartWall generates significantly higher CPMs than other leading full-page ad formats and represents a major leap forward for both developers and advertisers.
Yes, every new user that receives Airpush ads has opted-in during the app installation process.
Airpush works alongside your existing ads, but you will find that push notification ads perform significantly better because:

– Generates significantly high user engagement. CTR’s are typically at least 5x higher than in-app ads.
– Can be delivered to all users who installed your app, not just active users.
– Are viewable at a user’s convenience.
– Don’t clutter apps (since they are not in-app).

Yes, in addition to simply uninstalling the app, users can opt-out of all of our ad formats:

a) For Push Notification Ads, we offer a permanent opt-out to end-users which blocks this ad format from all apps. Each ad is tagged with the name of the app which delivered it, as well as a link to where the user can opt-out by installing our opt-out application or manually entering their IMEI on the web page. In both cases the IMEI is MD5 hashed so there is absolutely no personally identifiable information, or useful information other than for opt-out purposes.

b) For Icon Ads, users can delete them with 1 click. Users are also clearly made aware when the Icon Ad is first installed as a shortcut, by a “Toast” notification.

c) For SmartWall Ads, users can easily close the window.

Airpush adheres to all guidelines required by the Google Developer Policy and the Play Store.
We are focused 100% on Android™, the king of smartphone platforms!
Airpush adheres to the highest standards of transparency and consumer controls in the industry.


As an industry leader, Airpush takes transparency very seriously. Every new user that receives Airpush ads has opted-in during the app installation process. Each Airpush Push Notification Ad is tagged with a permanent opt-out URL, as well as the name of the app which delivered it. In addition a “Toast” notice disclosing the use of both push and icon ads is shown when an app is first launched.

Consumer Safety

The Airpush campaign approval team carefully monitors advertiser campaigns for compliance both before and after approval. To further enhance consumer safety on our network, we are in the process of integrating technology from the world’s leading mobile security vendors.

No, at Airpush we take privacy seriously. All unique identifiers (IMEI) are encrypted by the SDK using MD5 hashing, which is a standard method of “one way” encryption.
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