Airpush SDK 6.0 – The Most Powerful Network SDK in Mobile

by / Thursday, 30 May 2013 / Published in Airpush Mobile Advertising Blog

airpush_box_updateThose of you who regularly read our blogs know that we place a huge emphasis on innovation here at Airpush. Those of you that have worked with us for any period of time know that this innovation is the reason why we are the most profitable mobile ad network for both Developers and Advertisers.

So you should know that we don’t say it lightly that our new SDK 6.0 is the most advanced monetization tool that has ever been created for developers. This tool contains many advanced new features that build upon the success of our previous releases, but is also a complete end-to-end monetization solution that enables developers to build and run a business using only the Airpush platform.

Read more about our advanced new features and download the new SDK HERE.

New In-App Banner Ads:  SDK 6.0 includes In-App Banner Ads that enable Airpush developers to drive higher revenue from their users – which combined with Airpush’s innovative ads, drive revenue while the app is in use and even when it isn’t. As the only major ad network that pays developers weekly, Airpush now represents the most complete and comprehensive monetization solution available today.

Push Ad Enhancements:  SDK 6.0 includes dramatic improvements to Airpush’s flagship ad format, the Push Notification Ad, which are now leading the industry in eCPMs and overall developer profitability.

Rich Media and Video Upgrades to SmartWall:  SDK 6.0 SmartWall enhancements feature new optimized ad types including Rich Media, MRAID 2.0 and both full-page and inline Video Ads.

Advanced Developer Tools:  Airpush developers now also have access to advanced app analytics tools including funnel, cohort, audience segmentation, revenue and engagement analysis.

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Why Airpush Passing 50,000 Live Apps Is Huge For Android

by / Saturday, 02 February 2013 / Published in Airpush Mobile Advertising Blog

images (1)When we started Airpush, we knew that we wanted to build a network that would give developers the monetization potential that’s needed to make it in the app publishing industry. Our goal was to create a network that used innovation to enable new levels of profitability so that developers could focus on making new and better products. We also wanted to give them the ability to build businesses around previously unprofitable categories such as wallpapers, themes and ringtones. We also knew that the ability to invest in new and previously unmarketable apps would benefit the entire Android ecosystem and help it to grow to its full potential. In the end, the ultimate judge of how successful we were going to be would always be the response we got from the Android developer community. Fortunately huge numbers embraced us right from the beginning.

This past week we celebrated a major milestone for Airpush as well as our developers, passing 50,000 live apps actively using our platform. This represents one of the largest Android communities that exists anywhere in the industry and is a major validation of our developer focused approach. This number, combined with the leading profitability that our network is able to offer, means that we now pay out well over 2 million dollars to our developers each and every month. Our developers have also roundly adopted our new interstitial ad unit, SmartWall, which includes patent-pending technology to automatically mediate between Rich Media, Video, AppWall, OfferWall, and more based on yield and network connection type.

This innovation plus the level of engagement we have seen has resulted in SmartWall becoming the highest performing interstitial on the market. As 2012 comes to a close we are very excited to be preparing announcements on a wide variety of game changing offers. Because the Airpush developer community continues to expand at such a fast pace, we are extremely confident that our upcoming releases will eclipse even our previous successes and that we will continue to help grow developer businesses throughout the world.