Airpush Keeping Pace With International Growth

by / Wednesday, 18 May 2011 / Published in Airpush Mobile Advertising Blog

It is no secret that the Android OS has supplanted Symbian (Nokia) as the top selling mobile OS in the world in a relatively short period of time.  A key component to this rapid rise has been Android’s international growth.  While other companies have concentrated on maintaining margins rather than pursuing market share, Google has successfully focused on international and more specifically ‘emerging markets’ where its greatest volume opportunities reside.  This rapid growth has drastically altered the mobile ecosystem, specifically in the mobile ad space. 

Airpush, which is exclusively Android, has mirrored this growth to a degree growing over 250% in the last month alone.  Much of this growth has been international as Airpush’s reach extends to over 150 countries.   Some of the network’s top international countries include Japan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, United Kingdom, India, South Korea and Sweden – all of which are producing over 35% CTR’s for publishers. 

While this increasing ‘reach’ has been extremely beneficial and one of Airpush’s top priorities, it has also presented challenges as Airpush must monetize its global publishers with global advertisers- matching supply with demand.  Fortunately to date, Airpush has successfully kept pace with its own growth, achieving an average global fill rate of over 85%.  This has been achieved through successful partnerships with international advertisers such as Japan’s Nobot (AdMaker).  

These partnerships have assured Airpush keeps up with its own international growth and continues to strive to become the #1 monetization solution for Android applications.      

Inman Breaux
VP of Publisher Relations, Airpush Inc.