Airpush Sets Record for Android Developer Earnings, Announces New Ad Unit and Exclusive Partnership

by / Thursday, 30 August 2012 / Published in Airpush Press Releases

LOS ANGELES- Aug 30, 2012 -Airpush (, the 2nd largest ad network for Android, today posted new developer payout numbers of more than $2 million during the month of July alone. This represented the largest and most productive month yet for the rapidly expanding mobile ad network. In order to continue this dramatic growth for the app developer community, Airpush also unveiled its newest SDK, which brings with it the industry’s most advanced mobile advertising capabilities.

The flagship feature of SDK 5.0 is SmartWall, a new interstitial mobile ad format which dynamically optimizes between multiple sub-formats such as Rich Media, AppWall, Video and Interstitials. With SmartWall, app developers no longer need to choose between the overwhelming numbers of full-page mobile ad formats available on the market. Via a single SDK, SmartWall determines the optimal full-page ad format to display in real-time based on yield, network connection type, and other parameters. During testing, SmartWall generated significantly higher CPMs than other leading full-page ad formats and represents a major leap forward for both developers and advertisers.

To tackle the issue of device fragmentation in the Android ecosystem, the new SDK also includes deep integration with Bugsense, an industry-leading platform for app monitoring and crash analytics. An exclusive partnership between the companies will provide free access to Bugsense for over 40,000 apps in the Airpush network. By integrating the Bugsense platform directly into its portal and SDK, Airpush now matches its ability to help developers create and monitor healthy revenue with the ability to help them roll out and sustain stable products and their subsequent updates.

The full version of SDK 5.0 is now available for the Airpush developer community and was planned to coincide with the recently revised Google Developer Policy, as well as guidelines published by mobile security company Lookout.

“We started Airpush with the goal of creating the best way for advertisers and consumers to interact,” said Asher Delug, Founder and CEO of Airpush. “The mobile community is made up of developers who need to generate real revenue from their products so that they can continue to innovate, advertisers who want to interact with their audience in a targeted way and consumers who consistently ask for relevant and exciting offers in order to improve both their mobile and real-world lives. The newest version of our SDK successfully addresses all of these wants while also complying with the new Google Developer Policy and Lookout Mobile Ad Guidelines. This helps to ensure that the mobile experience is a safe, enjoyable and productive one for everyone.”

Airpush SDK 5.0 Components:

Enhanced Push: The newest SDK includes significant improvements to Airpush’s flagship ad format, Push Notification Ads, enabling images and innovative display templates that are completely unique and differentiated from anything else on the market.

Bugsense Integration: Airpush’s exclusive partnership with Bugsense, a leading provider of app crash analytics, provides developers with free Bugsense licenses that are directly integrated into its SDK and online reporting tools. This results in a simple, effective and easy way for developers to address a variety of well-documented threats to the Play marketplace, such as Android fragmentation.

Google Compliance: The newest SDK is fully compliant with Google’s recently revised developer policy, which requires a clear opt-in mechanism for both data collection and displaying ads outside of the app, as well as enhanced controls for ad content, app attribution and other requirements.

Lookout Compliance: The newest SDK is also fully compliant with Lookout Mobile’s new advertising guidelines, including the recommended opt-in, opt-out, app attribution and data security features.

Airpush’s SDK 5.0 is available now on Airpush’s site, Current developers can quickly log into their dashboard for details and new developers can easily sign up for an account.

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Airpush is the 2nd largest ad network for Android and the first in terms of monetization performance for developers. Over 40,000 apps from 150 countries use Airpush’s next-generation ad formats in order to generate 10-30x higher returns than traditional in-app ads. Many of the world’s top advertisers use Airpush to generate much higher ROI’s than previously possible with engaging campaigns that get noticed and drive results. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter @AirpushAds.


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