Stricter Advertiser Guidelines & Controls

by / Tuesday, 22 November 2011 / Published in Airpush Mobile Advertising Blog

Airpush has been growing extremely fast, attracting hundreds of new advertisers and tens of thousands of new developers in the past few months alone. One area we’re improving to better manage that growth is our creative approvals team, so we can better ensure strict compliance with all of our Advertiser Guidelines. We have doubled the size of the approvals team and have been aggressively training them to ensure fast turnaround time for getting creatives approved, as well as better compliance enforcement.

We’ve also fixed a bug in the advertiser portal which allows advertisers to change their creatives after getting approval. This will also serve to enhance compliance with the Advertiser Guidelines.

It’s extremely important for us to ensure strict compliance with our Advertiser Guidelines to ensure a positive user experience and sustain the Android ecosystem. Have ideas to improve our Advertiser Guidelines or their enforcement? Email us at — we welcome your feedback!

David Kawamoto
VP, Sales & Business Development