Venturebeat: Airpush Has a Bold New Plan for Native Mobile Ads (But Won’t Tell Us What it is)

by / Friday, 11 October 2013 / Published in Airpush Press Mentions

Facebook and Twitter may dominate discussions about mobile native ads, but Airpush says it’s about to steal some of their thunder.  The mobile ad network, which is plugged into roughly 120,000 apps, says it’s working on a new kind of mobile native ad format that any app, no matter how big or small, can take advantage of.  “Native advertising” refers to ads that take the form of the content that surrounds them in an effort to attract the user’s eye. While the idea has been popular among cash-strapped online publishers as of late, there have been few attempts to offer something similar on mobile phones.

That’s created a major opportunity for Airpush, which says native mobile ads can help app developers make more money and add far more value to brands’ mobile campaigns. To that end, the company has acquired app discovery platform Hubbl for $15 million. Hubbl, which was founded just last year, says it has both the data and the expertise to help Airpush as it develops its new native ads product. “If you’re an app developer, you want ad content that maximizes the monetization potential of your app. Our platform will do that,” Hubbl CEO Kushal Choksi told VentureBeat. Unfortunately, neither Hubbl nor Airpush would give us much information on this native ad platform, which they plan to unveil early next year.

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