Why Airpush’s New SDK is Huge for Advertisers and Developers

by / Friday, 31 August 2012 / Published in Airpush Mobile Advertising Blog

For those of you that aren’t techies or developers, the term SDK may sound like a foreign language. However, there is a huge reason why everyone should pay close attention to the new one that we just released. SDK stands for software development kit and in plain English it’s the way that our network connects to the 40,000+ live Android apps that make up the Airpush network (the 2nd largest in the world, by the way). Our new SDK means that the capabilities of our network have just dramatically improved, and we expect to raise the bar on mobile ad performance yet again.

The new developments were the result of extensive analysis into the productivity of our network and some truly amazing innovation by our developers. As the second largest ad network for Android, our ability to test new ideas in the real world is virtually unmatched and these new changes have shown higher results than anything we have seen to date. Developers will love the simplicity and performance that this brings and advertisers will see campaign ROI that’s higher than they have every experienced, or imagined.

SmartWall – SmartWall is a new mobile ad format that dynamically optimizes between multiple sub-formats such as Rich Media, AppWall, Video, and Interstitials. This ad unit replaces static, full page banners in apps that have been a go-to for developers for years. The difference is that SmartWall powers multiple offers to the same screen and then dynamically optimizes them based on results. This means that it can generate much higher returns for both the developer and the advertiser. In the short time that it has been live, developers are already seeing $7-$10 CPMs. It’s huge and it’s only going to increase in performance.

Enhanced Push – This is a dramatic evolution of the first ad type that we launched over a year and a half ago, the Push Ad. This new capability enables the advertiser to display a 320×50 banner directly in the consumer’s notification tray. Not only does this dramatically increase the CTRs but it also makes it a truly world class branding tool, since the advertisers can upload graphics from their global marketing campaigns.

Bugsense Integration – We’ve partnered with the leading app crash analytics organization, Bugsense, to integrate their technology directly into our entire network of apps. This is great for the developer because they can now spot problems as they arise and address them in the least time possible. Advertisers will love this because now they will know that Airpush isn’t just one of the largest ad networks in the world, it’s potentially one of the most stable as well.

Compliance – And perhaps most importantly, the Airpush network fully complies with recently revised guidelines by Google. Both advertisers and developers should pay close attention to this and be happy to see the evolution that the mobile marketing industry is experiencing. Just like with any new technology, the leaders of the mobile space have been working hard to help the industry mature into one that ensures a safe, enjoyable and productive experience for consumers. Not only is this the right thing to do, it helps to lay a foundation that will enable the industry to grow for years.

Read the entire press release on the SDK 5.0 launch HERE.

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Cameron V. Peebles
Vice President of Marketing
Airpush, Inc.